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The Veronika Cardigan and 10 Ways to Use Markers

veronika cardigan knitting pattern
The Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook

I’m currently working on Shannon Cook’s brilliant Veronika Cardigan knitting pattern. Seriously cool, people.

It’s knit in a giant T, and then certain sections are sewn together to make armholes. It’s a wrap that’s sorta ponchoesque, but open in front so it’s a cardi. Yeah. It’s its own, beautiful beast.

This pattern is all me. I love loose, long, cozy toppers, and my go-tos are getting a bit ragged. Before I knew about this pattern, I had just told Mimi that I needed a new wrap wardrobe!

That’s just one of the reasons I’m excited about knitting this cardigan. Here are a few more:

  • It’s something I know I’ll wear a ton.
  • I’m using yarn from my stash—Tahki Donegal Tweed in a gorgeous dark green.
  • The construction is unique and the design is clever.
  • It’s part of a knit-along at my friend Kris’s shop, Knit Knit: The Studio, and the group is full of my friends!

Here’s my progress so far:

veronika cardigan knitting pattern
Veronika Cardigan: Making progress!

I can hear you all saying, “Cool, but what the hell are all of those markers for?” Well, the yarn is dark, and I couldn’t see my increases, so I placed a marker after each increase. I needed to have 15 total decreases, and counting the markers is WAY easier than finding and counting the decreases. Markers are magic, and I love them—so much so that I wrote a top-10 blog for Alpaca Direct, all about markers. Check it out, and add your favorite use!

But back to Veronika—what you see above is actually the front. Veronika has a shawl collar, and deep ribbing all around the bottom. The longer rows at left are the start of the back. When the back is completed, the ribbing picked up and knit at the bottom. To complete the cardigan, the back ribbing is sewn to the front ribbing, and voila! Here’s the schematic, which will help this make sense:

veronika cardigan knitting pattern
Veronika schematic: The ribbing is attached at points A and G, on both sides, to make the armholes.

Pretty slick, right? I think so.

This is a lot of knitting, but the textured rib stitch gives it some interest, and with worsted-weight yarn, it’s knitting up relatively quickly.

If you’re looking for a cardi to wear all winter, Veronika is your project. I recommend it, along with a new bunch of markers!



P.S. What’s your favorite way to use markers? Leave a comment and share it with me!









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