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Casting on with abandon

You guys, I’m out of control. I cast on another sweater—Mousa, by Marie Wallin, from her book, Shetland.


This is some intense Fair Isle, lemme tell ya. I choose 11 colors of Finull PT2, in slightly brighter colors than the original, which is knit in Jamieson’s Spindrift. Kris at KnitKnit The Studio knit Mousa a couple years ago, and I fell in love with it.


Mousa will be a good project for my weight-loss journey, because it has a lot of ease; as I get smaller, it’ll get bigger (obvs!), but since it’s designed to be big, it’ll go the distance for me.

I have two colorwork sweaters going at once, and I’ve learned something: I don’t love stranded knitting. I’m paranoid my floats will be too tight, so many times they end up too loose. This is happening in the Hintermost sweater, and I’m working hard to make the floats reasonably loose, but not too loose. This isn’t the kind of knitting I love, where I have to think about it so much! Luckily, Hintermost doesn’t have a huge amount of colorwork, and I’m almost through it. PHEW!

With all of that said, the Mousa colorwork seems to be more enjoyable than the Hintermost colorwork. I think it’s because the yarn is smaller—I don’t have to struggle with worsted-weight on 7s. We’ll see. After all, I’m only a few inches in.

But I need a good cable project. Next up, for sure.

Anyone have any hints for me for the floats? I did Hintermost arms inside out, and that helped, but Mousa is basically a tube, so it’s many inches more in circumference, and too floppy for the inside-out trick to work (I think).

Anyway, let me know!