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Knitting + Sci-Fi = LOVE

knitting and sci-fiWho’s watching The Orville? Or Star Trek Discovery? I love The Orville so far. It’s half Trek, half Galaxy Quest. And yes, I’m going to angerly, yet eagerly, subscribe to CBS All-Access in order to watch Star Trek Discovery. (Smooth move, CBS, preying on Trekkies to sell your online streaming service. I could go on about this, but I’ll stop.)

I super-duper love sci-fi, especially Star Trek. I’ve watched all of the series multiple times, (except the original series; it’s my least favorite), and all of the movies. The Voyage Home, right?!? I even liked Insurrection. That’s dedication. Plus, I’ve read a bunch of the Star Trek books. Nerd-alert.

knitting and sci-fiIf you’re still with me, I need to talk about (the most recent) Battlestar Galactica, too. It was brilliant and wonderful, and I miss it. So say we all. I watched the original Battlestar Galactica, of course, when I was little. My brother, sister, and I just loved it, and our dad got us each a Cylon Raider and a Colonial Viper action-figure as stocking stuffers. We were way too old for those items, and way to excited to get them! I wish I still had those.

Where is this going, you may be asking. Well, I’ve noticed a love of sci-fi among knitters. The Ravelry Nerdy Knitters group is fun, and there have been patterns inspired by all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies. Star Trek iPad cover, anyone?

knitted star trek ipad covers
Knitted iPad covers: Picard, Worf, and Wesley. I heart these.

If anyone knows where to buy the patterns for these, let me know. I can’t find them on Ravelry. I followed a Pinterest link to, but that’s as far as I went.

Fantasy, although not my preferred genre, has been a big inspiration to designers, too. When I was at Interweave, we put out a collection of patterns based on costumes worn in Outlander, and it was really popular. And the shrug based on Katniss Everdeen’s costume in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is pretty cool. There are a lot of patterns out there for that shrug, but this one by Dahlia in Bloom is my favorite.

knitted cowl pattern
Dahlia in Bloom’s PANEM Katniss Cowl Wrap

I can’t leave out Star Wars, of course. My nephew loves all of the movies, and I gladly watch them with him whenever we’re together. He thinks I’m cool. Of course, I knit my way through them, so to me, knitting is related to Star Wars in that way, too.

I trace my love of sci-fi to Horton Hears a Who. I remember vividly the first time I ready that story, and how it affected me. Could there be a tiny planet on a speck of dust? Of course there could! I think often of the quote from the movie Contact, “The universe is a pretty big place. It’s bigger than anything anyone has ever dreamed of before. So if it’s just us … seems like an awful waste of space.” There’s certainly room for a few Whoville residents!

If Horton Hears a Who ignited the sci-fi spark for me, A Wrinkle in Time lit the bonfire. I can’t wait for the movie version! I wonder if any knitting patterns will come out of it. Maybe I’ll write one.




P.S. What’s your favorite sci-fi book, TV series, or movie? Leave a comment so I can check it out, too!














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6 thoughts on “Knitting + Sci-Fi = LOVE

  1. I enjoyed the Strain, which just finished this summer. I think there are 4 seasons and they are on either Hulu or Amazon. It was intriguing.


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