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I hate Veronika

I spent about three months on and off knitting my Veronika Cardigan, all the while picturing myself wearing it everywhere and being cozy, warm, and stylish.

When I was finished, I tried it on, all excited about my life-changing finished object, and nope, nope, nope! It was absolutely hideous on me. HIDEOUS! No one believed me, and when I tried it on for my knitting group at our holiday party, one of my favorite people said, “Yeah, it’s not good.” I love her.

So I gave it to my friend Edie, who’s also in my knitting group. She is taller and slimmer than I am, and it looked great on her. She hesitated to accept it, until I told her that I wanted it out of the house, and if she didn’t take it, I’d give it to someone else. She put it on and didn’t take it off.

Edie in Veronika
Beautiful Edie in her brand new sweater! 🙂

Now I don’t want you all to think I’m trashing the pattern, because I’m definitely not. It’s just terrible for my body. Because this was a knit-along, I’ve seen it on several people, and it looked great on them all. I do have to say, however, that it looks best on people who are taller, like 5′ 6″ or more. Although now that I think about it, my friend Terry is about my height, and her’s looks great. So . . . maybe it’s not for chubettes. Or just my brand of chubette, because it looks fine on the Ravelry folks.

Anyway, lesson learned: don’t go for oversized, boxy items!

Honestly, though, I was pretty upset. I had spent so much time knitting this beast, and I loved my yarn choice. I felt bad about my body, and I had a thought that I’d just knit accessories from now on, because sweaters in my size take FOREVER, and it’s such a crap-shoot on fit. At least for me it is.

But then I had a stern conversation with myself, and thought about the successful knits I’ve made, including another cardigan I just finished; blog to come after I take some decent pictures.

pile of Veronika
A pile of Veronika

This Veronika process also helped me realize that I need to make better choices (in many things, but I’m talking about knitting here). Why on earth would I think an over-sized sweater would look good on me? I am already over-sized, and I need to flatter my shape, not expand it! Total fail on the pattern choice. I just loved the look of it on the model and in The Studio, where I saw a finished sample and joined the KAL. So, again, lesson learned.

My next sweater will be a well-thought-out project, with much consideration of how the sweater will look on me, not how it looks on other people, especially the model. Kris from The Studio is a master of fitting knits, so I’m going to be asking her for advice.

Leave a comment and give me your advice,and tell me about your fails. I need some company here!





I'm a crafter, knitter, writer, gardener, and cook. I'm the editor of the website, and also a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I'm married to a wonderful gal, Mimi, who shares my interests in papercrafting, knitting, travel, but not so much with the cooking.

14 thoughts on “I hate Veronika

  1. Kathleen, I’m so sorry you had this experience with Veronika but you are not alone. I’m a different body type from you and I don’t really like the one I made either. I haven’t given it away yet but I also haven’t worn it. I’m 5’2″ and it just isn’t great for short people. I do want to re block it and maybe lengthen it because right now it’s just too wide and too short. A word of warning…don’t make any of the boxy pullovers that are popular on Ravalry right now either, they aren’t good for short people either!


  2. Ah Kathleen, thank you soooo much for your post!
    I love knitting clothes for myself but always end up really disappointed with the results. Every pattern I’ve knitted for anyone else always looks brilliant on them but the ones I make for myself make me look just frumpy. There has only ever been one jumper I knitted that i was happy with, and happily that was the last one I made for myself (which gives me the hope that I’m learning and growing!).
    Reading your post I found myself exclaiming oh no! And me too!
    Thank goodness for the honest friend! It really is a nightmare when you know something isn’t right but everyone else, in a misguided attempt to not hurt your feelings say, oh it’s fiiiiine!
    I’m so looking forward to your next post with the pics of your winning cardie! Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is a brill year for you.


  3. I first learned about Veronika while reading your blog, and cast on immediately. I share a similar shape to yours, but I am 5’8″. It doesn’t look good at all. If I pull it around, my boobs stick out the arm holes. I can’t wear it. It is put away in my closet. I need to find someone it would look good on. I’m also looking forward to your new cardi. I am considering the Portal that I found on Ravelry. Any thoughts on that one?


      1. I think that’s really nice. The only issue I would have, for my body, is that there’s so much room between the fronts. I like my cardigans to close in front.


  4. Yep, we’ve all been there! I’ll be taking Kris’s basic sweater class in February to learn how to properly measure and fit to my size.


  5. Hi Kathleen,
    I have a feeling Veronika would’ve looked lovely on you in another color (something light/bright)and possibly other fiber( more luxe or tonal ?). OR, In these cases sometimes I embellish edges with a simple crochet finish in contrast color like reverse single crochet(crab stitch) in turquoise, or applied I-chord edging (same color or maybe tangerine tango?). Possibly even a crocheted loop on one corner with a big statement button on the other corner just waiting to be lassoed!


    1. Thanks Sophia. The yarn is a really pretty green tweed—lots of bright colors in the tweed—the pictures are dark. I think the color was secondary to the fit, though. It’s a lipstick on a pig issue! 🙂


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