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Norah’s Vintage Afghan: More Blanket Squares!

I have been knitting like it’s my job (which it is, I’m still the editor of Knitting Daily until mid-November). Here’s the progress so far:

Pretty cool, right? Each of these are so beautiful I’m inspired to JUST KEEP GOING!

Join me—Norah’s Vintage Afghan is a free pattern.



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Norah’s Vintage Afghan: Spot the mistake!

Mimi and I are working on Norah Gaughan’s Vintage Afghan, pumping out squares like crazy! They’re so much fun to work on; each one is a little cable knitting masterpiece of its own, and together, they’re going to be gorgeous.

Our version is the earth tones—cream, brown, gray, and dark green. On the Ravelry photos, the brown looks mustard, but it’s a pretty dark brown.

Here’s the square I just finished:

Knitted afghan blanket square from Norah's Vintage Afghan

Can you spot my mistake?

I have to admit, if this mistake was at the beginning of the square, I would consider leaving it alone. But I would probably regret that, because even with all of the blogs I’ve written over the years about leaving mistakes alone, it would bug the hell out of me. Plus, I want this to become an heirloom, and this mistake is too ugly to be a “signature.”

So, I’m going to fix it. I’ll just need to take out the top border and recross the cable correctly, and “poof,” it’s fixed.

I’ll post more blanket squares soon—there are several done!