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Seed-Stitch Elegance: My Multigrain Infinity Scarf Pattern

I got this project when Mimi and I traveled to New York City a couple of years ago. Our guide was all of the knit shops around the city; we toured Manhattan from LYS to LYS, and in a wonderful shop on the Upper West Side, Knitty City, I found a kit for  Multigrain by Antonia Shankland, this beautiful wrap (which I turned into an infinity scarf pattern).


As you can see, I’m pretty pleased with myself. (And I need a haircut.)

This was finished up at a knitting retreat, and the gals I was sitting near convinced me to convert the wrap into an infinity scarf. I’m so glad I did. I used a three needle bind-off to join the ends together, and even though the first row wasn’t live stitches, I poked the knitting needle through each of the stitches easily, so the 3 needle bind-off technique worked just fine. Here’s how it looks wrapped twice:


Wow, that’s a big photo of my face! But cute scarf, right?

Miles of seed stitch, I know. I worked on this on and off for about two years, and although it was tedious at times, the yarn was gorgeous to knit with. It’s a combo of three yarns, Shibui Pebble, Silk Cloud, and Cima, held together alternately to create a beautiful gradient combination.

This silvery-gray is probably my preferred of my favorite colors, dull, drab, and dreary. 🙂




I'm a crafter, knitter, writer, gardener, and cook. I'm the editor of the website, and also a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I'm married to a wonderful gal, Mimi, who shares my interests in papercrafting, knitting, travel, but not so much with the cooking.

6 thoughts on “Seed-Stitch Elegance: My Multigrain Infinity Scarf Pattern

  1. Hi Kathleen. I just wanted to tell you that I,m going to miss your knitting daily newsletters. They were my little daily break from work, a chance to pick up the needles (the ones that are always sitting near my computer with a mindless stockinette project on them, not a serious lace/colourwork/cables project) and knit a bit with you. I loved hearing how your daily adventures interconnected with your knitting. I will miss you on the newsletter, but now that I know your website, I’m still going to see you all the time.
    And, I love the pictures of your infinity multigrain scarf. You look so happy and beautiful. Blissful!


  2. Dear Kathleen,
    Although I’m sorry there will be no more knitting daily newsletter I’m glad you let us know where you are! Knitting wouldn’t be the same without you! You have to remember we feel like we know you (Poppy and the gang, too) as our friends even though we’ve never actually met so we hope you share your freelance things with us by pointing us in the direction of where they are located.


  3. so glad to know i am not the ONLY knitter who works on projects for years and years–I finally gave the sweater I started 16 years ago (the “baby” is graduating HS this year!) to a 2 yr old grandchild. best wishes for your post KD life!


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