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Cabling Without a Cable Needle (Video)

I filmed this video a long time ago, and it’s clear that I need to redo it (sorry about the blurriness!), but it’s been helpful for many people, and I’m using these techniques a ton while knitting Norah’s Vintage Afghan, so I thought I’d put it here.

I’ve only come across one blanket square so far that I’ve had to use a cable needle for, and that’s because it was a double twisted cable, where I had to hold six stitches to the back or front, knit three stitches, then put three stitches back on the left needle and purl them, and then knit the remaining three stitches from the cable needle. I know. I’ve got the hang of it now, but Mimi had to help me with this first one. It was a two-brainer.

But that’s what I love about Norah’s patterns. They’re complex and gorgeous and totally worth it.

More to come on this blanket, and I hope you’ll try cabling without a cable needle. It’s fun, quick, and you don’t need to keep track of a cable needle.

I use this technique so much for cabling that I couldn’t find a cable needle when I needed one. I used an orange stick from my manicure box. You gotta make it work, right?




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